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The FEE is the National Scout Organization recognized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) that represents Scouting of Spain before the statutory authorities of world Scouting and its European Region.

It is formed by:

ASDE (Federation of Scout Associations of Spain) is a non-profit organization declared of public utility in 1977, and has almost 100 years of presence in Spain. Its educational proposal for children and young people has been adapted to times and it is participative, open and plural. Nowadays it reaches over 35000 members spread throughout the Spanish geography.

MSC (Catholic Scout Movement) is the federation of the 15 confessional Scout associations in Spain. Behind its name there are the force, work and illusion from its 37,000 children, teenagers, leaders and volunteers who belong to our movement, spread in more than 600 scout groups. From its foundation, MSC works to educate free, responsible and supportive people committed to society.

And an associated organization:

The FEGC (Federation of Scouting and Guiding in Catalonia): the territorial organization which groups all Scouting and Guiding in Catalonia.

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